NBA 2K17: Something Happened in “My League”

With the coming of weekend, players are all warmly concentrate on the games. In their spare time, they are discussing various topics about games. Today the topic is “what’s going on in your “MyCareer” or “MyGM” or “My League”?” Following represents what players want to express.

“Just started a new myleague with the pelicans. Figured itd be fun with AD and Heid. So far I’m like 6-11 though so it looks like it may be panning out for a top 5 pick in the draft. That’ll be good. I need a good center NBA 2K17 MT for the team and may consider trading my pick to the sixers for embiid or Okafor since there aren’t any good big men in the draft this class.” Said one player.

NBA 2K17

All people have their own thoughts about their League. I just use a code name to represent their real name below.

Andy:”After an incredible dynasty with my Kings, in which we won 5 titles in 11 years, DeMarcus Cousins has retired into the Hall of Fame (2x MVP, 4x Finals MVP). Our team is coming off a disappointing 44-38 season in which we were just too old to compete for a playoff run. Now that we have no star player in a league that has become more talented than ever before, we might be facing a long tank job ahead before we can reach the top again.”

Jack:”The two stars of my last championship run just retired. I picked them in the same draft 18 seasons ago.”

David:”His 3472 blocks is enough to be #2 on the current All-Time Block leaders
His 13887 rebounds is enough to be #12 on the current All-Time Rebound leaders
Did not make The Hall of Fame.”

Mike:”I drafted Dennis Smith Jr. after playing next season with current rosters and managed to drag us to the 7th seed in the playoffs. We pulled off an upset against Boston (2), Toronto (3), and took Cleveland (1) to 7 games off of Smith’s back. He was averaging 29/3/7 through the playoffs haha. I then picked up a stretch 4 in the draft to help with our spacing and am currently 4-2.
edit: should’ve mentioned im the 76ers haha.”

July:”I asked to be traded to the suns as a PG so now it’s me (89), Knight (81), Bledsoe (86), and Booker (80) all on one team. At least Bledsoe is out on injury. Once he’s back though, this ship will sink real quick.”

Players have their own thoughts in choosing their GM or League.

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